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Zimbabweans pray for fair and peaceful elections as the economy spins into meltdown

Trevor Grundy | 21 June, 2023 | Category: Current News

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has announced that Zimbabwe will hold its presidential and parliamentary elections on August 23 this year.  Elected president in 2018 after a military coup that deposed President…   Read more >

Zimbabwe sadly makes it to the top of the Annual Misery Index, says leading USA economist

Trevor Grundy | 13 June, 2023 | Category: Current News Features & Analysis

Homeless, hopeless and hungry – a woman in Zimbabwe close to its border with Mozambique during one of  the many drought years that has plagued Zimbabwe  in recent decades (Picture:…   Read more >

Exclusive: Beaten and betrayed by Winnie Mandela, illegally imprisoned by Zambia’s President Kenneth Kaunda . . . how much longer will we turn our backs on this courageous African whistle-blower?

Trevor Grundy | 22 May, 2023 | Category: Book Reviews Current News Features & Analysis Uncategorized

Amid the current international media focus on the marriage of Nelson and Winnie Mandela, the eye has again been taken off the ball of the murders committed by Mrs Mandela…   Read more >

Guest writer of the month

Trevor Grundy | 21 May, 2023 | Category: Uncategorized

  A CAN OF WORMS AT THE CROWNING OF A KING by Angus Shaw   Former British colonies and protectorates had an eye on all the jewels at the coronation…   Read more >

From the ‘Christian’ British Empire to the multi-cultural Commonwealth with millions of broken lives in-between

Trevor Grundy | 20 May, 2023 | Category: Book Reviews Current News Uncategorized

THE COLONIAL WORLD – A history of European Empires, 1780s to the Present by Robert Aldrich and Andreas Stucki (Bloomsbury, 2023 pp 536)   Reviewed by TREVOR GRUNDY   “Poor…   Read more >

Mandela would have read this book even though students from Oxford and Cambridge universities say it should be banned

Trevor Grundy | 21 April, 2023 | Category: Book Reviews Current News Features & Analysis Uncategorized

Nigel Biggar (left) whose controversial view on colonialism sheds fresh light on the man so many students at top universities most love to hate – Cecil John  Rhodes   Colonialism:…   Read more >

Protestantism and the Church of England: All religions in Britain are equal. It’s just that some are more equal than others

Trevor Grundy | 19 April, 2023 | Category: Current News Features & Analysis Uncategorized

Divorced, beheaded, died: divorced, beheaded, survived  . . . a  poem for children about the fate of the wives of Henry V111. On the right of the founder of the…   Read more >

John Harris (1937-1965): Hero and martyr to some – coward and killer to others

Trevor Grundy | 13 April, 2023 | Category: Uncategorized

Francis John Harris (known as John)  with wife Ann –  happy days before the July 1964  bomb blast in Johannesburg    The Only White by Gail Louw, Chelsea Theatre, April…   Read more >

Fake Hitler diaries on show to the public at the German National Archives in Koblenz

Trevor Grundy | 30 March, 2023 | Category: Book Reviews Current News Features & Analysis Uncategorized

Forty years ago in April 1983, owners  of some of  Europe’s and America’s best-known  newspapers rushed to buy and  then  publish the purported diaries of Adolf Hitler. But  moments after…   Read more >

Why Asians found it impossible to live in Kenya all those years ago

Trevor Grundy | 8 February, 2023 | Category: Uncategorized

Fifty years ago, over 100,000 Asians from East Africa arrived in Britain seeking new homes and  constructing very different  lives for themselves  after waves of persecution and intimidation  in Kenya…   Read more >