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Category: Obituaries

Guy Arnold, leading British anti-apartheid activist, dies at the age of 87

Trevor Grundy | 6 January, 2020

By TREVOR GRUNDY The British explorer, writer, scholar and anti-apartheid campaigner Guy Arnold died in London on Saturday January 4. He was 87. Arnold  was a prolific author and journalist…   Read more >

Cephas Msipa: Zimbabwe’s reluctant hero

Trevor Grundy | 9 October, 2019

  Cephas Msipa, the mild-mannered primary school teacher who left the classroom to help a generation of freedom fighters turn white-ruled Rhodesia into black-led Zimbabwe in 1980, has died in…   Read more >

Chenjerai Hove – A voice for the voiceless in Robert Mugabe’s Zimbabwe

Trevor Grundy | 2 October, 2019

By TREVOR GRUNDY   He was a man of principle during the course of a lonely 14-years exile in America, France and Norway. He was a voice for the voiceless…   Read more >

Peter Mackay: An officer and a gentleman who Rhodesian whites imprisoned and branded a “kaffir-loving KGB agent.”

Trevor Grundy | 2 October, 2019

By Trevor Grundy   When Peter Mackay died in 2013 at his well-kempt, humble cottage home in Marondera (the former Marandellas) he was 86. He was, wrote the historian Terence…   Read more >