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Elections will raise both hopes and fears in Zimbabwe on August 23

Trevor Grundy | 31 July, 2023 | Category: Current News Features & Analysis

President Mnangagwa of Zimbabwe pictured alongside  his new friend President Putin. Both men hope to remain as heads of state in their respective countries for years to come.    …   Read more >

Missing interviews with key witnesses to murder of 14-year-old Stompie raises credibility about new book on Winnie and Nelson Mandela

Trevor Grundy | 31 July, 2023 | Category: Current News Uncategorized

Winnie  with Nelson Mandela in Zimbabwe in 1990, soon after his release from prison. Brave faces hid broken hearts. (Picture: Trevor Grundy)     Jonny Steinberg says he spoke to…   Read more >

State-assisted funeral for the widow of a national hero accused of treason three years after independence in Zimbabwe

Trevor Grundy | 9 July, 2023 | Category: Current News

Shattered, Zodwa Dabengwa and friends after hearing on April 27, 1983 that although he was found ‘not guilty’ of treason, her legendary  husband , Dumiso, was to be re-detained on…   Read more >