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Trevor Grundy | 1 March, 2024

A puffin at Bempton Cliffs.  This much loved sea bird, along with tens of thousands more, could face extinction.    By Trevor Grundy   BEMPTON CLIFFS, Yorkshire, England – –…   Read more >

York’s Terrible Tower and the burning and slaughter of 150 Jews in March 1190

Trevor Grundy | 19 February, 2024

The stairway at Clifford’s Tower that leads people in 2024 back to the horrific events there in March 1190. (Picture: Trevor Grundy)   By TREVOR GRUNDY   YORK, England –…   Read more >

Hail and farewell to Gerry Loughran – media legend and one of Kenya’s most decent of men

Trevor Grundy | 9 December, 2023

Obituary: Gerry Loughran (1935-2023) The British journalist who did so much to maintain high standards in post-colonial Kenya is pictured holding his book about the birth and the ups-and-downs of…   Read more >

Welcome to Josef Stalin’s ‘Hotel California’ in Moscow

Trevor Grundy | 18 October, 2023

BOOK REVIEW: The Red Hotel -The Untold Story of Stalin’s Disinformation War by Alan Philps (Headline, 2023 pp. 464 £22.00) Review by Trevor Grundy     The 4th century BC…   Read more >

Vicar who advised Kenneth Kaunda had kind things to say about hungry shoplifters

Trevor Grundy | 10 October, 2023

John Papworth (with his kitten called Isolde) and Kenneth Kaunda in London in the early 1960s – fellow Christians and friends for life ( Picture: Trevor Grundy library)   By…   Read more >

Look back 70 years and remember one of the 20th century’s most obnoxious betrayals of public trust

Trevor Grundy | 1 October, 2023

RIP: Encounter magazine 1953-1991:   The cultural-political monthly Encounter magazine was published from 1953 to 1991. Seventy years after its foundation, it is best remembered because of stunning revelations that, for…   Read more >

Russian and Zimbabwean media grow closer – but is this to tell the truth or just a propaganda exercise to hide the failures of out-of-touch and incompetent leaders?

Trevor Grundy | 8 August, 2023

Russian schoolchildren at the Khatyn Massacre Memorial in Belarus.  The German Army’s atrocities at Khatyn are not be confused with the Katyn Forest slaughter of 20,000 Polish Army officers on…   Read more >

Zimbabwe 1983-1987: Gukuruhundi and the little known rape of tens of thousands of women

Trevor Grundy | 4 August, 2023

Robert Mugabe with ‘liberation’ leaders during the Rhodesian War. But when his guns stopped blazing against Europeans  who built Rhodesia, they opened up again on people whose only home was…   Read more >

Elections will raise both hopes and fears in Zimbabwe on August 23

Trevor Grundy | 31 July, 2023

President Mnangagwa of Zimbabwe pictured alongside  his new friend President Putin. Both men hope to remain as heads of state in their respective countries for years to come.    …   Read more >

Missing interviews with key witnesses to murder of 14-year-old Stompie raises credibility about new book on Winnie and Nelson Mandela

Trevor Grundy | 31 July, 2023

Winnie  with Nelson Mandela in Zimbabwe in 1990, soon after his release from prison. Brave faces hid broken hearts. (Picture: Trevor Grundy)     Jonny Steinberg says he spoke to…   Read more >