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Sky-rocketing xenophobia in South Africa fuelled by mis-management and ANC corruption

Trevor Grundy | 10 April, 2022 | Category: Uncategorized

There is growing  support for Nhlanhla ‘Lux’ Dlamini and his put South Africa first protests.    GUEST WRITER OF THE MONTH   by Andrew Field   Harare, Zimbabwe  – –…   Read more >

Battle to provide crutches to a crippled Commonwealth hots-up as Jamaica announces its candidate for the post of Secretary-General

Trevor Grundy | 4 April, 2022 | Category: Current News Features & Analysis

Jamaica’s Kamina Johnson-Smith –  A badly needed  ‘bridge builder’ with a high moral character   By Trevor Grundy   Jamaica, which has stated its determination to abandon its constitutional link…   Read more >

Queen will miss Commonwealth Day but Baroness Scotland will be there lobbying to be re-elected as the club’s Secretary-General

Trevor Grundy | 12 March, 2022 | Category: Current News Features & Analysis Uncategorized

Baroness Scotland – In search of another term as Commonwealth Secretary-General   By Trevor Grundy   Queen Elizabeth won’t be at the annual Commonwealth Day service at Westminster Abbey on…   Read more >

Verbal violence mounts as candidates and voters hope for peace and transparency during and after Zimbabwe’s first post-Covid elections

Trevor Grundy | 7 March, 2022 | Category: Current News Features & Analysis

Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa has proclaimed March 26 as the date for long-awaited by-elections to fill vacant seats in the National Assembly and various local authorities across the country.    …   Read more >

March 1922 – The month that Communists and Afrikaners joined hands to fight profit-hungry mine owners in South Afriuca

Trevor Grundy | 18 February, 2022 | Category: Current News Features & Analysis Uncategorized

Some military historians still see the Rand Revolt of March 1922 as a Communist attempt to take-over South Africa. Picture shows (top) Jan Smuts and (below) the Communist leader ‘Comrade…   Read more >

As forests go up in smoke, Zimbabwe’s short-sighted leaders create a desert and call it land reform

Trevor Grundy | 10 February, 2022 | Category: Current News Features & Analysis Uncategorized

Tobacco farmers are responsible for a fifth of the total amount of deforestation in Zimbabwe   By Trevor Grundy   Feeding China’s growing need for cheap tobacco is creating deserts…   Read more >

Deeper research is required if we are to understand a brutal war that turned Rhodesia into Zimbabwe

Trevor Grundy | 27 January, 2022 | Category: Book Reviews Current News Features & Analysis Uncategorized

BOOK REVIEW   A Brutal State of Affairs – The Rise and fall of Rhodesia by Henrik Ellert and Dennis Anderson (Weaver Press, Harare, Zimbabwe, 2020 pp 412)   by…   Read more >

New book sheds fresh light on Italian war crimes in Ethiopia and the help the Pope gave to Mussolini’s fascists

Trevor Grundy | 25 January, 2022 | Category: Book Reviews Current News Features & Analysis Uncategorized

Book Review ‘Holy War – The untold story of Catholic Italy’s crusade against the Ethiopian Orthodox Church’ by Ian Campbell (Hurst & Company, London, 449 pp) by Trevor Grundy  …   Read more >

Downing Street’s ‘Odd Couple’ who help safeguard Boris Johnson’s version of British democracy

Trevor Grundy | 20 January, 2022 | Category: Current News Uncategorized

Boris Johnson and Munira Mirza. The British PM says she’s ‘hip, cool, groovy and generally on-trend.’   By Trevor Grundy   Whatever happens to Prime Minister Boris Johnson over the…   Read more >

Ruth Weiss to be honoured for her life-long service to journalism and her struggle for human rights in Europe and Africa

Trevor Grundy | 27 December, 2021 | Category: Current News Features & Analysis

Ruth Weiss –  much honoured  German-Jewish journalist and author (Picture: Trevor Grundy, Harare, Zimbabwe 1983)   By Trevor Grundy   One of the world’s leading campaigners against apartheid in South…   Read more >