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Category: Religion

Christians in Europe share a common memory of the murdered saint who defied an English king

Trevor Grundy | 29 December, 2019

By  TREVOR GRUNDY   Thomas Becket, the 12th century’s “turbulent priest” whose murder in Canterbury Cathedral on December 29, 1170  brought a powerful mediev0al monarch to his knees  during a…   Read more >

Gandhi: Will he be the next victim of Britain’s ‘politically correct’ militants?

Trevor Grundy | 29 November, 2019

While a student campaign has failed to stop a statue of Mahatma Gandhi being raised in Manchester, the row over his bigoted attitudes continues to rage – including in India….   Read more >

Christianity’s centre of gravity moves from Europe to Africa

Trevor Grundy | 8 October, 2019

By TREVOR GRUNDY in Busan, South Korea   The shift of Christianity’s centre of gravity away from Europe towards Africa is one of the most dramatic developments since the Christian…   Read more >