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Patsy Robertson (1933-2020) Tributes paid to one of the Commonwealth’s greatest communicators

Trevor Grundy | 24 August, 2020 | Category: Uncategorized

Patsy Robertson at a Commonweakth meeting in London in  2007 (Picture: Trevor Grundy)   By Trevor Grundy Patsy Robertson, the former Jamaican journalist who went on to become the official…   Read more >

Britain should apologise to Zimbabwe’s ‘little people’ for sucking-up to a mass slaughterer in 1986

Trevor Grundy | 7 August, 2020 | Category: Current News Features & Analysis Uncategorized

“But he was not there. He does not know what happened. He (Benito Mussolini after his invasion of Greece) does not know that the ultimate truth is that history ought…   Read more >