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‘Oh starving children of Gaza’- A poem that invades and batters the hearts of all but the soul-dead

Trevor Grundy | 15 April, 2024

United Nations officials and aid workers believe that well over 13,000 children have been killed in Gaza since  October 7, 2023. A report in The Guardian on April 16. 2024…   Read more >

England’s largest megalith reminds us that men worshipped the unknown thousands of years before the arrival of Christianity in Britain

Trevor Grundy | 5 April, 2024

A myth says that the Devil created the stone while in a raging fury that a Christian church had been built on Pagan lands belonging to him. (Picture: Trevor Grundy)…   Read more >

A rising tide of plastic waste is threatening sea-birds like never before

Trevor Grundy | 15 March, 2024

The endangered fulmar, a victim  of our  stupidity, greed and ignorance about wildlife     By Trevor Grundy Member of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB)  …   Read more >

Britain 2011/2024: What will follow the imminent death of British and European multiculturalism?

Trevor Grundy | 11 March, 2024

The British Government is about to re-define what it means to be an extremist. TREVOR GRUNDY  recalls that thirteen years ago, Angela Merkel and  David Cameron made it  clear that…   Read more >

York’s Terrible Tower and the burning and slaughter of 150 Jews in March 1190

Trevor Grundy | 19 February, 2024

The stairway at Clifford’s Tower that leads people in 2024 back to the horrific events there in March 1190. (Picture: Trevor Grundy)   By TREVOR GRUNDY   YORK, England –…   Read more >

Different strokes for different folks but the same old Mugabe tactics underline elections in Zimbabwe

Trevor Grundy | 8 September, 2023

The ghost of Robert Mugabe – like the ghost of Banquo in Shakespeare’s Macbeth – keeps popping – up at election time in Emmerson Mnangagwa’s Zimbabwe (Picture: Trevor Grundy)  …   Read more >

Grass roots anger mounts in post-BREXIT Britain after Tory promises to ‘take back control’

Trevor Grundy | 5 September, 2023

Michael Gove, a key architect of BREXIT Scattering apologies like confetti at a wedding     Birmingham City Council . . .  bankrupt It’s the largest local authority in the…   Read more >

South African celebs tip-toe in the footsteps of George Bernard Shaw

Trevor Grundy | 22 August, 2023

Tourist of the Revolution – George Bernard Shaw (with freshly washed beard ) on his way to Moscow in August 1931   By Trevor Grundy   The BBC’s Shinhai Nyoka…   Read more >

Zimbabwe 1983-1987: Gukuruhundi and the little known rape of tens of thousands of women

Trevor Grundy | 4 August, 2023

Robert Mugabe with ‘liberation’ leaders during the Rhodesian War. But when his guns stopped blazing against Europeans  who built Rhodesia, they opened up again on people whose only home was…   Read more >

Missing interviews with key witnesses to murder of 14-year-old Stompie raises credibility about new book on Winnie and Nelson Mandela

Trevor Grundy | 31 July, 2023

Winnie  with Nelson Mandela in Zimbabwe in 1990, soon after his release from prison. Brave faces hid broken hearts. (Picture: Trevor Grundy)     Jonny Steinberg says he spoke to…   Read more >