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Welcome to Josef Stalin’s ‘Hotel California’ in Moscow

Trevor Grundy | 18 October, 2023 | Category: Book Reviews Current News Features & Analysis

BOOK REVIEW: The Red Hotel -The Untold Story of Stalin’s Disinformation War by Alan Philps (Headline, 2023 pp. 464 £22.00) Review by Trevor Grundy     The 4th century BC…   Read more >

Vicar who advised Kenneth Kaunda had kind things to say about hungry shoplifters

Trevor Grundy | 10 October, 2023 | Category: Current News Features & Analysis

John Papworth (with his kitten called Isolde) and Kenneth Kaunda in London in the early 1960s – fellow Christians and friends for life ( Picture: Trevor Grundy library)   By…   Read more >

Look back 70 years and remember one of the 20th century’s most obnoxious betrayals of public trust

Trevor Grundy | 1 October, 2023 | Category: Current News Features & Analysis

RIP: Encounter magazine 1953-1991:   The cultural-political monthly Encounter magazine was published from 1953 to 1991. Seventy years after its foundation, it is best remembered because of stunning revelations that, for…   Read more >