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Category: Book Reviews

Julius Nyerere reconsidered

Trevor Grundy | 2 October, 2019

African leaders who were not corrupt kleptomaniacs but, instead, fairly ordinary men who lived decent lives and ruled alongside opposition parties and a relatively free press, are in for a…   Read more >

Inglorious Empire – What the British did to India by Shashi Tharoor

Trevor Grundy | 2 October, 2019

  Reviewed by Trevor Grundy   Soon it will be the 70th anniversary of India’s Independence from Britain. Expect a tsunami of memoirs, newspaper articles, television and radio plays and…   Read more >

Shafted: The Media, the Miners’ Strike and the Aftermath, edited by Granville Williams

Trevor Grundy | 1 October, 2019

Reviewed by Trevor Grundy On June 18, the BBC’s Radio Four flagship programme ‘Today’ reminded us that it was the 204th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo. Sadly, for those…   Read more >