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Lawrence Vambe’s funeral in London

Trevor Grundy | 8 October, 2019 | Category: Uncategorized

  A Service of Thanksgiving and Remembrance for the life of Lawrence Chinyani Vambe (March 5, 1917 – September 14, 2019) was held at 2.30 pm at St Joseph’s Roman…   Read more >

Kingdom, Power, Glory – Mugabe, Zanu and the Quest for Supremacy 1960-1987 by Stuart Doran

Trevor Grundy | 7 October, 2019 | Category: Book Reviews

IN THE PREFACE to ‘Eminent Victorians,’ Lytton Strachey issued a warning that resonates with writers, historians, journalists and members of the public trying to make sense of post-Mugabe Zimbabwe. He…   Read more >

Doris Lessing (1919-2013) Self-proclaimed ‘Useful Idiot’ for the Soviet Union

Trevor Grundy | 7 October, 2019 | Category: Features & Analysis

  Doris Lessing was critical about herself, much more so than the people who wrote obituaries about her following her death at her London home in November 2013. From 1942…   Read more >

Mike Faber and Robert Oakshott: two who helped save Zambia millions of pounds on the day it was born

Trevor Grundy | 7 October, 2019 | Category: Interviews

By TREVOR GRUNDY   HISTORIANS examining the de-colonisation process have been disinclined to examine the motives and individual psychologies of the well-educated Europeans who attached themselves to African causes and…   Read more >

The Odd Man In – Mugabe’s White Hand Man, by Denis Norman

Trevor Grundy | 7 October, 2019 | Category: Book Reviews

One of the main surprises that followed Robert Mugabe’s overwhelming election victory (57 of the 80 seats open to Africans) in March 1980 was Prime Minister Robert Mugabe’s decision to…   Read more >

Writing Revolt – An engagement with African nationalism 1957-1967, by Terence Ranger

Trevor Grundy | 3 October, 2019 | Category: Book Reviews

Professor Terence Ranger needs no introduction to students of Africa, or to those who helped turn white-ruled southern Rhodesia into black-governed Zimbabwe in April 1980. This Oxford University academic is…   Read more >

Julius Nyerere reconsidered

Trevor Grundy | 2 October, 2019 | Category: Book Reviews

African leaders who were not corrupt kleptomaniacs but, instead, fairly ordinary men who lived decent lives and ruled alongside opposition parties and a relatively free press, are in for a…   Read more >

Who put Mugabe into power?

Trevor Grundy | 2 October, 2019 | Category: Features & Analysis

In a two- page obituary (four colour pictures and one black and white) highlighting the life and times of Robert Mugabe published in The Times on Saturday 7th September 2019,…   Read more >

Inglorious Empire – What the British did to India by Shashi Tharoor

Trevor Grundy | 2 October, 2019 | Category: Book Reviews

  Reviewed by Trevor Grundy   Soon it will be the 70th anniversary of India’s Independence from Britain. Expect a tsunami of memoirs, newspaper articles, television and radio plays and…   Read more >

Chenjerai Hove – A voice for the voiceless in Robert Mugabe’s Zimbabwe

Trevor Grundy | 2 October, 2019 | Category: Obituaries

By TREVOR GRUNDY   He was a man of principle during the course of a lonely 14-years exile in America, France and Norway. He was a voice for the voiceless…   Read more >