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Death of George Floyd inspires students at Oxford University to make another bid to get rid of statue of Cecil Rhodes

Trevor Grundy | 8 June, 2020

  By Trevor Grundy Canterbury, June 8, 2020 — At 1700 (GMT) tomorrow, hundreds of students will meet the police outside Oriel College ,Oxford University,  to renew their call for…   Read more >

The British public will not forgive being taken for fools, says The Times

Trevor Grundy | 5 June, 2020

  “Fasten your safety belts, it’s going to be a bumpy night.”     By Trevor Grundy Canterbury (June 5, 2020)  – – – Boris Johnson’s refusal to acknowledge mistakes…   Read more >

Chutzpah, spin doctors, pantomime politicians and liars in public places

Trevor Grundy | 26 May, 2020

  By Trevor Grundy   What is the effect of large-scale lying on the psychology of a nation? Does lying on the grand scale have the same effect on a…   Read more >

Cummings and Johnson are ‘cowards’ and are treating the British people as if they are ‘fools’

Trevor Grundy | 25 May, 2020

  By Trevor Grundy London, May 25 (2020)  – – – One of Britain’s top behavioral scientists, Stephen Reicher who is the professor of Social Psychology at St Andrews University,…   Read more >

Zimbabwe’s best- loved musical instrument is introduced to billions during cultural diversity week

Trevor Grundy | 22 May, 2020

Kenny Mangwena  from Zimbabwe playing the mbira at an African culture festival organised by Music for Change in Canterbury, southern England  (Picture: Trevor Grundy)   By Trevor Grundy As many…   Read more >

Ghost of Hitler blocks search for truth in Germany 75 years after end of World War Two

Trevor Grundy | 27 April, 2020

Germans are being  asked to help find the memories of the little people whose lives are the backbone of history. But the haunting spirit of Adolf Hitler and the murder…   Read more >

Public life in Britain sinks as low as the country’s best-known playwright can remember

Trevor Grundy | 24 April, 2020

David Hare – one of Britain’s  most outspoken  men of letters   By Trevor Grundy London, April 24, 2020 – – – David Hare, arguably Britain’s best known and most…   Read more >

Auf Wiedersehn, pet: Uncertainly over Brexit causes surge in Britons seeking German citizenship

Trevor Grundy | 16 April, 2020

All together for the time being – German, British and EU flags flying at the harbour at Thessaloniki in  Greece (Picture: Trevor Grundy)   By Trevor Grundy (Canterbury, England June…   Read more >

Mike Auret: Campaigner who challenged human rights abusers in Rhodesia and Zimbabwe

Trevor Grundy | 12 April, 2020

Mike Auret: Campaigner who challenged human rights abusers in Rhodesia and Zimbabwe By Trevor Grundy   Mike Auret, the  Chairperson of the Justice and Peace Commission in the Catholic Bishops’…   Read more >

People with a fighting spirit can beat the virus – “A myth that needs de-bunking” says top TV presenter

Trevor Grundy | 9 April, 2020

By Trevor Grundy London, April 9 (2020)  – – –  It has been rightly said that Truth is the first casualty of war, to which we might add “and God…   Read more >