Grass roots anger mounts in post-BREXIT Britain after Tory promises to ‘take back control’

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Michael Gove, a key architect of BREXIT

Scattering apologies like confetti at a wedding



Birmingham City Council . . .  bankrupt

It’s the largest local authority in the whole of Europe

Meaningless promises from Britain’s first multi-million pounds/dollars prime minister

A triumph of hope over experience?


by Website Editor Trevor Grundy


Water companies out of control.The UK’s environment watchdog suspects the government and water regulators have broken the law over how they regulate sewage releases.It  follows continued high levels of sewage releases in England which topped 825 times a day last year.Campaigners and opposition MPs have called the regulators “complicit” in allowing the pollution:.a monarchy no-one can examine:  a county-side threatened by pesticides: asylum seekers drowning in their hundreds, maybe thousands:  Blairites running Labour: five cabinet jobs in a year for a Starmer/Johnson groupie: billions stolen by crooks after the pandemic:  unplanned, disastrous wars:  humiliating and cowardly evacuations: a media run by half a dozen oligarchs and their crook friends: the richest prime minister in  history with an even richer wife:  a transport system on the edge of collapse along with a health service  at the edge of the cliff: widening gaps between the homeless and those with two, three, four homes: public schools costing tens of thousands a year: crumbling schools for the poor (RAAC): a political system designed for landowners in the 19th century and a House of Lords packed like sardines in  a den of privilege and self-serving “Christian” tradition: straw people not in charge  or anything other than their swelling back accounts: Birmingham City Council (the largest local authority in Europe) has declared itself effectively bankrupt and it is  possible that  26 local authorities will follow suit over the next couple of years: councils in the UK are facing compensation bills running into billions of pounds over equal pay claims, campaigners have warned, as they called on the government to intervene: Sunak’s kakistocracy distances itself from European human rights laws and waves goodbye to climate change reforms:schools are handing out clothing and food to children amid the cost of living crisis, while teachers report deteriorating hygiene among pupils as families cut back on brushing teeth, showering and even flushing the toilets: Woking council in Surrey, southern England, has laid out a drastic package of cuts to local services after it in effect declared itself bankrupt earlier this summer:plans include scrapping funding for all of the town’s sports pavilions and toilets, the closure of a swimming pool, cutting resources for parks, the arts, and ending council backing for some community centres, annual concerts, and its involvement in youth sporting events:the troubled local authority also proposed scrapping millions of pounds in support for leisure centres, playground, and community schemes for young, old and vulnerable residents in an attempt to balance the books: in a grim document setting out a wide-ranging austerity programme, it also revealed plans to remove funding for choir and dance classes for residents with Parkinson’s disease, as well as grants for a charity helping domestic abuse survivors, and a community transport scheme: in recent months, the manager of a Leeds Co-op store, and his staff have been threatened with razors, knives, screwdrivers, needles and hammers by shoplifters who have become more brazen and aggressive. “It feels like these offenders can simply come in and take what they want, and do what they want,” the 36-year-old said. “Not one or two items – they come in with bags, sacks or clothing, which can conceal hundreds of pounds’ worth of stock – coffee, meat, wine, laundry gel, anything that can be re-sold. It is looting. They are known in the city centre as repeat offenders … They know the police don’t have the resources or can’t attend quickly enough.” crumbling schools, hospitals, theatres and thousands of other public buildings in a tragically crumbling Britain.


Trevor Grundy in Jerusalem . . . 

. . . wondering what happened to England’s green and pleasant land