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Ghost of Hitler blocks search for truth in Germany 75 years after end of World War Two

Trevor Grundy | 27 April, 2020

Germans are being  asked to help find the memories of the little people whose lives are the backbone of history. But the haunting spirit of Adolf Hitler and the murder…   Read more >

Public life in Britain sinks as low as the country’s best-known playwright can remember

Trevor Grundy | 24 April, 2020

David Hare – one of Britain’s  most outspoken  men of letters   By Trevor Grundy London, April 24, 2020 – – – David Hare, arguably Britain’s best known and most…   Read more >

Auf Wiedersehn, pet: Uncertainly over Brexit causes surge in Britons seeking German citizenship

Trevor Grundy | 16 April, 2020

All together for the time being – German, British and EU flags flying at the harbour at Thessaloniki in  Greece (Picture: Trevor Grundy)   By Trevor Grundy (Canterbury, England June…   Read more >

Mike Auret: Campaigner who challenged human rights abusers in Rhodesia and Zimbabwe

Trevor Grundy | 12 April, 2020

Mike Auret: Campaigner who challenged human rights abusers in Rhodesia and Zimbabwe By Trevor Grundy   Mike Auret, the  Chairperson of the Justice and Peace Commission in the Catholic Bishops’…   Read more >

People with a fighting spirit can beat the virus – “A myth that needs de-bunking” says top TV presenter

Trevor Grundy | 9 April, 2020

By Trevor Grundy London, April 9 (2020)  – – –  It has been rightly said that Truth is the first casualty of war, to which we might add “and God…   Read more >

Seventy years on and Camus’s The Plague still has the power to make us change our lives

Trevor Grundy | 5 April, 2020

Seventy years on and Camus’s The Plague still has the power disturb and change our ways   By Trevor Grundy   Books should be reviewed when they’re relevant, not just…   Read more >

Boris Johnson’s handling of the Coronavirus crisis a “national scandal” says editor of The Lancet

Trevor Grundy | 27 March, 2020

A “national scandal” The editor of the  prestigious medical journal The Lancet has hit out at Boris Johnson’s government over the way it has handled the  corronavirus epidemic and condemning…   Read more >

Gareth Jones lives again in a ground-breaking film about genocide in the Ukraine

Trevor Grundy | 6 March, 2020

The Polish director of “Mr Jones – 1933, The Holodomor” says that this is a film that tells the most important story you will ever watch. But some Russia-watchers argue…   Read more >

Hungary 1945-2020: Shoes along the River Danube

Trevor Grundy | 11 February, 2020

    By Trevor Grundy February 11, 2020   Jews in Hungary are this week remembering the “liberation” of Budapest after a 50-day siege by the Red Army 75 years…   Read more >

Denis Norman 1931-2019: The Odd (White) Man In Robert Mugabe’s Zimbabwe

Trevor Grundy | 8 January, 2020

Picture shows: John Laurie, President of the CFU with June and Denis Norman in  Harare (Picture: Alexander Joe) By TREVOR GRUNDY Family and friends gathered at All Saints Church at…   Read more >