Jews and Muslims wait to see what’s promised as a record number of Britons say they don’t believe a word any politician says about anything

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The report by Sir John Curtice suggests that disillusionment over promises made by Boris Johnson and others over BREXIT among Red Wall voters is one of the main reasons for the collapse of public trust in politicians.


By Trevor Grundy

York, England (June 12)  – – – Trust and confidence in the UK’s political system is at an all time low, according to analysis by Britain’s electoral expert, Sir John Curtice.

His report for the National Centre for Social Research finds that 53 percent of people questioned before the general election on July 4 said that the first- past- the- post election system should be abolished so that smaller parties are represented in the House of Commons – not just the big three (Labour, Conservatives and Liberal Democrats).

Sir John’s report dominates the front-pages of most newspapers today and comes the day before the release of the Labour Party election manifesto

Said Sir John: “The public is as doubtful as it has ever been about the trustworthiness and efficacy of the country’s system of government and the people who comprise it.”

The report entitled “Damaged Politics” finds that 45 percent would “almost never” trust the government to put the country before the party.

Asked if they favoured a voting system that was fairer to smaller parties, 53 percent agreed, the highest proportion ever to questions first-past-the-post elections.

Half of would-be voters sampled in England said they favoured more devolution to regional authorities or an English parliament.

Pollsters and political commentators believe Keir Starmer’s Labour Party will win with a massive majority by winning most of the seats which were won by the Conservatives in the so called “Red Wall” constituencies in the Midlands, Yorkshire and northern England in December 2019.

Sir John’s report suggests disillusionment over BREXIT among leave voters at the last general election is one of the main reasons for the massive public mistrust in politicians, whatever the colour of their working -class shirts or public -school ties.

Red Wall voters fell for the promises and the lies told by Boris Johnson and his Conservative cronies about BREXIT


Earlier this week, research commissioned by the Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards found that one in five young Britons eligible to vote say they are unlikely to take part in next months election because they are disillusioned with politicians –  everyone of them.

Political commentators say there will be one big bomb-blast in the Labour Manifesto tomorrow morning.

The Whitehall Editor of the Daily Mail Claire Ellicott predicted that Sir Keir Starmer is expected to include his commitment to a Palestinian state.

She wrote on 7 June, 2024 under a heading –Starmer ‘will vow to recognise Palestinian state in manifesto’ that the Labour leader is planning to include a pledge to recognise Palestine before the end of any peace process in a bid to shore up his core support for the Left.

Ellicott wrote: ”Labour policy will infuriate Israel whose PM, Benjamin Netanyahu, reacted angrily when Ireland, Spain and Norway all officially recognised Palestine in May. Mr Netanyahu called the move ‘a reward for terrorism.’ “

She added: ”He (Starmer) caused fury on the Labour Left when he told an interviewer that he thought Israel had the right to cut off water and power supplies to citizens in Gaza.

“Shadow Foreign Secretary David Lammy was criticised for supporting a decision by the International Criminal Court to request an arrest warrant for the Israeli leader. The move is calculated to win back Muslim support for the party.”

Following Hamas’s attacks on Israel on  October 7 last year and Israel’s subsequent bombardment of Gaza, Sir Keir has faced pressure to call for a unilateral ceasefire.

The Labour leader is known to be reflecting the views of the Biden administration in the USA by calling for recognition of a Palestinian state before the end of any peace proposal in a wasteland called Gaza.

He walks a tightrope, wobbling between support for Israel, doing the will of Washington and gaining support from angry Muslim voters.

Reports by the Muslim Census Team say that after interviewing  30,000 British Muslims responses show a drop of 66 percent in potential Labour votes from 71 percent in 2019 to five percent today.

There are 3.9 million Muslims in Britain.  Will they vote for a Labour leader who said Israel had the right to cut-off water and power supplies to citizens in Gaza?


Sir John Curtice concluded his surprise report by saying the next prime minister is likely to require a style and manner of governing that persuades people that the government has the interests od the people at heart after all.

  • But there is massive and growing anger about the politicians who lied their heads off about how BREXIT would improve the lives of working -class Britons.
  • That, and a growing belief that the first past the- post-system should be abolished in favour of proportional representation.

The report quoted a Yorkshireman, Geoff Telfer, who spoke for the silent majority when he said that the most important issue for him was “the voting system in which approximately half the population is disenfranchised, an obvious result of first-past-the-post.”

And this man in a Red Wall constituency added: ”Some form of proportional representation is desperately called for resulting in consensus and fairer representation.”

Whether anyone in the Whitehall fish-tank takes a blind bit of notice about what ordinary people are saying and thinking about Britain’s crumbling political system and where that could lead them in years from now remains to be seen.

Looking across the sea to Europe in 2024 could be a start.



MANCHESTER, England, June 13 (Reuters) – Britain’s opposition Labour Party, which is far ahead in polls before a July 4 election, pledged on Thursday to recognise a Palestinian state as a contribution to a renewed peace process.
“Palestinian statehood is the inalienable right of the Palestinian people,” said Labour’s election manifesto – the collection of policies it would enact if it forms the next government.
“We are committed to recognising a Palestinian state as a contribution to a renewed peace process which results in a two-state solution with a safe and secure Israel alongside a viable and sovereign Palestinian state.”