Government adviser with lobbying links to firms selling arms to Israel and the fossil fuel sector wants to ban Palestine Action and Just Stop Oil (JSO)

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Palestine Action –  a far-Left anarchist anti-Israel group which, like Hamas, could be declared a terrorist organisation


By Trevor Grundy


Pro-Gaza marches face a government crackdown following the publication of a 100, 000 word report written by a former Labour MP, John Woodcock  who warns that democracy is at risk from extremist protest groups.

Just Stop Oil (JSO) and Palestine Action could be banned in a similar way that terrorist organisations, including Hamas, are banned in order to deal with what several high-powered British politicians condemn as violent Left-wing demonstrations.

John Woodcock (aka Lord Walney) told reporters on the eve of the report’s release on May 22, 2024:  “The fact people are being arrested is not acting as enough of a deterrent and you look at the length of time it’s taking people to come to trial, the way in which charges are often dropped and you can understand why organisers are able to basically convince and radicalise people in a mind-set where they think they’re going to be able to get away with what they are doing.”

He added: “While the government clearly has taken steps in recent years to improve understanding of the extreme Right – to bring it up to the level and depth of understanding of Islamist and jihadist activities – it has not done the same with the far-Left or single issue threats, violent or non-violent.”

One of the report’s most controversial recommendations is to give the government power to ban extreme-Left protestors who they believe are frequently on the wrong side of the law.

A report in the Daily Mail (May 13, 2024) said that Palestine Action, a far-Left anarchist anti-Israeli group, has engaged in law-breaking by targeting sites in the UK which are linked to Israeli defence firms. Just Stop Oil eco-activists have been  charged with causing criminal damage for defacing public buildings and paintings inside museums and art galleries.

One of Britain’s best known supporters of Israel and Zionism is Communities Secretary, Michael Gove.

Donald Trump and his British acolyte, Michael Gove

Thumbs up for anyone you dislike to be branded as a terrorist

Taking to journalists after Woodcock’s report was released (after three years of preparation) Gove said that  he was “deeply worried” about the potential impact the war in Gaza could have on the  July 4 general election in the UK.

He feared that Islamist groups, as well as hard Left and hard-Right extremists, want to undermine British democracy.

He said he would never want to censor people’s strong political (or religious) feelings but added – “We have to be alive to the fact that there are Islamist organisations, extreme-Left figures, who want to undermine our democracy and will use electoral events as a means to do so.”

Environmentalist and pro-Palestinians are hopping mad.


John Woodcock (Lord Walney) – His report has been described by Green Party MP Caroline Lucas as a highly political document which includes proposals for very serious restrictions on civil liberties and human rights

Activists have accused Woodcock – a government adviser on political violence and a former Labour Party  MP who refused to work under Jeremy Corbyn and who was made a peer by Boris Johnson – of a conflict of interest after it emerged that he had lobbying links to companies that would benefit from curbs to protesting.

Woodcock’s entries in the Lord’s register of interests show that he is paid to act as the chair of the Purposes Business Coalition, an organisation run by the PR and lobbying firm Crowne Associates, which counts the oil company BP and the Italian arms company  Leonardo among its clients.

The Italian company is one of the world’s largest arms manufacturers and has extensive ties to Israel.

Elbit Systems Ltd is another. Founded in 1966, it is one of Israel’s largest military technology companies.

Record earnings have been made by manufacturers of weapons  and international technology companies following the Russian invasion of Ukraine and now Israel’s invasion of Gaza.

The register also show that Woodcock is a paid adviser to Rud Pedersen Public Affairs, another lobbying firm, which acts for Glencore, a Swiss mining company with interests in coal and Enwell Energy, which  describes itself as “a highly focused oil and gas business.”

A report in The Guardian by Damien Gayle (May 17, 2024) said: “All could theoretically welcome restrictions on protest against their companies. Leonardo, in particular, has been subject to a persistent campaign of protest by Palestine Action, including occupation of its factories during which equipment was smashed, and graffitiing of the entrance to its London HQ.”

Huda Ammori of Palestine Action climbed into the ring and said – ”Whilst our government remains complicit in the on-going Gaza genocide, it is our duty to take direct action to halt the production of weapons in Britain which  is being used against the Palestinian people.”

He added: “It is a sham for the government to try and claim Lord Walney is an ‘independent’ activist.”

Tim Crosland, the director of Plan B, a climate litigation group, said that Woodcock’s recommendations were not surprising “since they serve the vested corporate interests he represents.”

And Areeba Hamid, a co-director of Greenpeace, issued a warning about the implications of Woodstock’s proposals.

She said that applying the review’s recommendations would be “a sure-fire way to weaken British democracy and bring us  as close to becoming a police state as we’ve ever seen.”

James Cleverly who was called up by the Territorial Army to serve in support of the Iraqi war in 2004

Thanking Woodcock for his long-awaited report on political violence and disruption the Home Affairs Minister James Cleverly said in an official  statement: “Thank you for engaging such a wide range of stakeh0lders across government, public bodies, international partners, academia, civil society and those personally affected by violent disruption and extremism. The recommendations you have made are both pertinent and considered. I will  commit in Parliament via written ministerial statement to providing an update on the work of government on the issues raised in your report in due course and I hope you will accept an invitation to meet the Policing Minister and the Security Minister to discuss your report in further detail.”