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Holocaust survivor Ruth Weiss: A woman who broke the chains that bound her to a Nazi horror in Germany and apartheid in South Africa

Trevor Grundy | 11 July, 2024 | Category: Uncategorized

Ruth Weiss who marks her 100th birthday in Germany on 26 July 2024. She is an author, novelist, anti-apartheid and anti-Nazi campaigner all of her adult life.     By…   Read more >

Boris Johnson fooled voters in Blyth and other parts of North England but lies told in 2019 could turn Blue Walls Red again

Trevor Grundy | 2 July, 2024 | Category: Uncategorized

Miners in the pits of northern England were strong supporters of the Labour Party. They could remember the horror of mass unemployment and the marches by their parents and grandparents…   Read more >

Black Umfolozi: Zimbabwe’s singing and dancing African culture ambassadors

Trevor Grundy | 23 June, 2024 | Category: Uncategorized

Lucky Moyo with the just as legendary culture ambassador Virginia Mukwesha, daughter of Stella Chiweshe who was one of the world’s greatest mbira players and artists. (Picture: Trevor Grundy)  …   Read more >

Socialism in Tanzania: A dream deferred or a vision abandoned?

Trevor Grundy | 15 June, 2024 | Category: Uncategorized

President Julius Nyerere of Tanzania holding the Torch of Freedom (Picture by Adarsh Nayar). For millions of people, he was the personification of socialism in post-independence Africa.   This article…   Read more >

Jews and Muslims wait to see what’s promised as a record number of Britons say they don’t believe a word any politician says about anything

Trevor Grundy | 12 June, 2024 | Category: Uncategorized

The report by Sir John Curtice suggests that disillusionment over promises made by Boris Johnson and others over BREXIT among Red Wall voters is one of the main reasons for…   Read more >

Britain is sleepwalking towards disaster and a timely report from Yorkshire Wildlife Trust tells us why

Trevor Grundy | 5 June, 2024 | Category: Uncategorized

Nature lovers with cameras and notebooks echo the warnings of senior environmentalists that we are losing what makes Yorkshire so special  (Picture by Trevor Grundy taken from inside a hide…   Read more >

‘Into the Melting Pot’ brings to life the fears of Spanish Jews in 1492

Trevor Grundy | 1 June, 2024 | Category: Uncategorized

The painting above shows The Procession of Flagellants (detail) by Francisco Goya. The Inquisition’s targets were lapsed converos– Jews who renounced and then returned to their original religious beliefs and…   Read more >

Edinburgh Festival follows Hay and drops its sponsorship partner with Baillie Gifford because of its ties with Israel

Trevor Grundy | 26 May, 2024 | Category: Uncategorized

Swedish climate and pro-Palestine activist Greta Thunberg helped lead a campaign against Baillie Gifford which sponsored the Hay Literary Festival to the tune of about £130,000 a year. She also…   Read more >

Government adviser with lobbying links to firms selling arms to Israel and the fossil fuel sector wants to ban Palestine Action and Just Stop Oil (JSO)

Trevor Grundy | 23 May, 2024 | Category: Uncategorized

Palestine Action –  a far-Left anarchist anti-Israel group which, like Hamas, could be declared a terrorist organisation   By Trevor Grundy   Pro-Gaza marches face a government crackdown following the…   Read more >

ANC activist who opposed Thabo Mbeki challenges Labour leader for seat in British Parliament

Trevor Grundy | 21 May, 2024 | Category: Uncategorized

An MP in the making?  Former ANC activist and South African  freedom fighter, Andrew Feinstein (Picture: courtesy of Skwawkbox)   Former African National Congress (ANC) MP Andrew Feinstein today (May…   Read more >